This Is What Happens When You Love Someone Who Has Built Up Walls

i'll carry on

Loving someone who has walls up is not a careless decision. It takes a conscious commitment to assign yourself as the one to take the first strike at the concrete surrounding their heart. These are people who have painted over their fragile skin with instant-ready cement, blocking out the feel of fingerprints and the echo of empty promises. They tell themselves that all the little nuances that make them secret romantics have to stay hidden away.

But despite it all — despite the walls and the “do not enter” sign they hang around their neck — you might just fall for them. And in some miracle of ways, they might fall for you, too.

For them, loving you will be like walking into a construction zone: messy and just a little bit dangerous. But it all will come with the promise of tearing down old walls to make room for…

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distance is my weapon, proximity is yours

i'll carry on

hiding is hardly a courageous act, yet i find it’s inexplicably hard to silently put that additional inch of distance between you and me each day. don’t love me with your half-hearted gentleness, or your conflicting decisions. don’t ask me to smile, when a large part of you knows we will move on and perhaps one day never look back. don’t tell me about your day, don’t ask me about mine, don’t spam me with cute emojis i particularly like, don’t offer to plan a schedule together, don’t date me for lunch or dinner or supermarket shopping or aimless exploratory walks. don’t burrow your way close anymore. forgive me, for i know i’m starting to take alone time once again and ignore your texts for a day or two, for i’ve already begun withdrawing back into my old self, and most of all forgive me for not telling you about…

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